“Local focus with the power of global sourcing and more than 150 years of combined experience.”

Wholesale Electric Asia combines the experience and resources of three of the world’s largest independent electrical wholesalers, with local expertise, stock management and warehousing. We provide an  extensive range of cable and electrical products from the world’s leading manufacturers. We have close relationships with these manufacturers which ensures reliable supply and the best pricing.
Value Added Services Project Management System Solutions
We offer additional services in the form of project management, construction material management solutions, and maintenance and repair contracts.

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  In addition to delivering on time and within budget, our experienced project management team provides services such as construction schedule integration; upply chain optimisation; documentation; risk and waste

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  Our in-house programmers have worked together with customers to develop a system that helps reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. This webbased,

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International Operations

We combine our global knowledge and reach with local expertise to ensure even the most complex business issues relating to project management, and maintenance and repair are resolved.